Valentine Wedding Theme

  • With the promise of the most romantic of days, your Valentine theme wedding celebrates love and merry about union of two souls.
  • Candles for romantic lighting, relaxing effect approach you and your guest with a cheerful atmosphere.
  • Roses are the most obvious flower choice, but all flowers suggest romance. The colorful balloons decorated all around with flowers imply gratifying moment.
  • Music has been called the language of love, so make sure your wedding speaks it fluently.
  • Hearts, lace, flowers, doves, and cupids complete with bows and arrows all are good decorating motifs for a valentine theme wedding.
  • Small heart-shaped boxes of chocolates would be welcomed as favors that flaunt love of two person tying knot with each other.
  • Valentine's Day wedding theme, nothing can be too sweet or too romantic.

Services we provide

  • Pre Wedding Rituals
  • Wedding Rituals
  • Post wedding Rituals

Pre Wedding Rituals

  • The pre wedding rituals comprise of Engagement or the Ring Ceremony.
  • A wedding ring symbolizes that the wearer is engaged.
  • A small party to celebrate the Engagement.
  • And Casual party at bride's place while decoration and designing of the required things at groom's place.

Wedding Rituals

  • The wedding rituals begin with the Swayambar ceremony, union of soul mates for life long.
  • Kanyadaan ritual is performed in front of the mandap while the priest chants mantras. This ritual symbolizes that the bride belongs to the groom.
  • The groom puts sindoor in the bride's hair parting, followed by tying of Tilahari around the bride's neck by the groom, symbolizes marriage.
  • To celebrate the entire new relationship of two families, casual party is given at Bride's Place.
  • Grand reception party according to the need of the client whether it is on the same day of anmaunae with janti or other day will be done.
  • Decoration/transportation arrangement will be done for the Janti as well as Saipata decoration, arrangement for Dulahi Bhitrayaunae.
  • Entire arrangements for grand party will take place for Groom.

Post wedding Rituals

  • The post wedding rituals comprise of vidaai and reception.
  • In the viddai ceremony the family of the bride gives her a sobbing farewell.
  • Arrangements will be done for Samdhi Bhet according to your need.

Wedding Services

Venue and Menu Selection


  • Stage Decoration
  • Car Decoration
  • Saipata or Supari Decoration
  • Mandap decoration


Transportation hire for whole wedding event if needed.

Bride and Groom preparation

  • Bride: clothing, accessories, make up, jewelry, hairstyle
  • Groom: Bridegroom Accessories, Bridegroom Shoes, Bridegroom Suits, Sherwani

Printing ,Designing and Card Distribution

  • Groom: Bridegroom Accessories, Bridegroom Shoes, Bridegroom Suits, Sherwani
  • Wedding card design along with printing
  • Card distribution through email, internet and post box

Videography and photography


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